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Efteling nears completion on Max & Moritz ride

efteling max moritz

Efteling‘s new family-friendly roller coaster Max & Moritz is nearing completion, with the first of two trains arriving at the theme park in the Netherlands.

The attraction is based on the 1865 illustrated German story, Max & Moritz. In the rhymed tale, the two brothers annoy their village neighbours and get up to all sorts of mischief.

Max & Moritz is launching in spring 2020. The double roller coaster will comprise two trains, one for Max and one for Moritz.

The coaster’s trains are made up of one locomotive and nine sets of carriages. Max & Moritz will carry 76 guests per ride.

Max & Moritz opens at Efteling in spring 2020

The trains will run in opposite directions, and the Max locomotive is now in place on the track, weighing more than 1,300 kg.

Efteling’s director, Coen Bertens, said: “This is another major milestone for the project and is certainly exciting.

“It takes about three days to assemble the entire train, bringing the most important elements – track and train – together.

“The next step is testing the ride and we are all really looking forward to it,” added Bertens.

Double roller coaster will comprise two trains

Later this month, the Moritz locomotive will arrive. When both trains are complete, Efteling will start test drives on Max & Moritz.

“Over almost 500 test runs, we look at how the train performs on the track, how fast it is and how the light and sound effects react,” said Bertens.

“Guest safety on the ride is also extensively checked.”

In addition to the coaster, a new restaurant called Frau Boltes Küche will open in summer 2020. The restaurant and surrounding area are inspired by Max & Moritz.

Frau Boltes Küche will serve a range of chicken dishes, fries and snacks, in a nod to Max and Moritz’s attempt to steal Frau Bolte’s chicken.

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