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MediaMation Reseller for RealD ProTM CrystalEyes 4sTM Active 3D Eyewear


Interactive attraction technology company MediaMation has announced that they have become the exclusive reseller for RealD PRO CrystalEyes 4s 3D active eyewear in the USA, Canada and Mexico and an authorized reseller for the accessory in South America, Central America and Australia.

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MediaMation Reseller for RealD ProTM CrystalEyes 4sTM Active 3D Eyewear  RealD eyewear is a 3D accessory which allows users to view 3D content and have been “designed to work with frame sequential 3D content displayed on 3D displays with an IR emitter.” The new eyewear is lighter than previous models and is intended to provide wearers with a stylish and comfortable accessory which is durable and won’t cause eye-strain, even if used all day.

“MediaMation provides the service required by professional users. Their sales, installation and support expertise throughout a variety of industries allows MediaMation to be uniquely positioned and best represent RealD products for professional applications, ” stated Kevin Faul, RealD’s Vice President of Business Development.

RealD CrystalEyes glasses are not prone to “synch signal interference from ambient light” and have been designed to allow the best 3D graphics whilst providing optimal comfort. This is achieved by rubber, spring-loaded arms which can fit snugly over prescription spectacles.

MediaMation also sell all of RealD’s StereoGraphics IR Emitters, which the CrystalEyes glasses are fully compatible with.  All of RealD’s active eyewear products are used to enable stereo 3D viewing and recreate the way that we perceive depth on a flat, 2D surface.  Their glasses have been used for more than 30 years by companies such as Boeing, BMW and NASA.

MediaMation has been a worldwide supplier and manufacturer to the entertainment industry for more than 20 years.  MediaMation specialize in 3D/4D/5D turnkey attraction theaters utilizing their X4D Motion EFX seating.

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