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Aliens are invading the Montréal Science Centre with its new exhibition


Aliens are invading the Montréal Science Centre with its new exhibitionAfter London, Tokyo and Miami, The Science of Aliens will be presented at the Montréal Science Centre until September 1, 2008. The exhibition is being billed as the biggest and boldest of its kind to date, exploring the real science behind the search for alien life. Since opening in London in 2005, The Science of Aliens has toured the world – our world, at least!

The Science of Aliens examines our eternal fascination with potential life on other planets. It also highlights the work of leading scientists and explores the very real possibility of alien life. Cutting edge hands-on displays will give visitors the chance to actually interact with creatures dreamed up by scientists.

The exhibition is divided into four distinct zones, looking at our different views of "alien" life:

As they enter Zone 1, Alien Fiction, visitors will be greeted by the imposing Alien Queen from the famous Aliens movie series. She introduces this
examination of how we represent creatures that seem strange or frightening, or both, in films, television and literature. From The Blob to ET to Predator,
visitors will discover how these aliens are modern expressions of the fairytales and myths that have enthralled humans since the beginning of time.
Zone 2, Alien Science, investigates some of the real but extremely weird creatures that thrive here on Earth, before embarking on a journey around our
solar system and into deep space in search of alien life. Visitors will be able to observe bizarre specimens from the ocean depths, and see how some
creatures have adapted to extreme and demanding environments. All this helps scientists evaluate the possibility of alien life.
Zone 3, Alien Worlds, features two planets created by leading scientists on the basis of specific criteria, dubbed Aurelia and Blue Moon. Then they
used information on actual Earth creatures, as described in Zone 2, to imagine possible life forms on these two worlds. Giant interactive landscapes enable visitors to see these imaginary, but plausible aliens and learn about their
habits and behaviour.
The final zone, Alien Communications, looks at the search for alien intelligence, showing how scientists are listening for signals from outer space and how they have attempted to communicate with alien civilizations. Visitors will be able to listen to space and to compose a message to an alien.

"The Science of Aliens is out of this world, " says Sara Milne, CEO of The Science of, the new company behind the development of the exhibition. "A world-class creative team of designers, writers and producers have come together to create this exhibition and present the most up-to-date research
from scientists from around the world. Visitors to the exhibition enjoy a uniquely entertaining and educational experience in a stunning environment."

About The Montréal Science Centre

The Montréal Science Centre’s innovative features and the quality of its infrastructures earned it an award as the Quebec tourist attraction of the year, in the 100, 000 or more visitors category, in 2001, and a special mention in 2008, as part of the Grands Prix du tourisme québécois. The Centre also won the Award of Excellence from the Société des musées québécois in 2005 and 2006 for its Autopsy of a Murder and X-treme Rotation exhibitions.
The Montréal Science Centre thanks its presenting partners TELUS, Pfizer and Hydro-Québec.

Information and tickets:  (514) 496-4724 – 1 877 496-4724 –

For further information: Catherine Giroux, Media Relations Specialist,
Old Port of Montréal Corporation, (514) 283-8085,; Source: Old Port of Montréal Corporation

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