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Family Entertainment: SurfStream™ Wave Machine Selected by Yamay Resort for Mala Bay Waterpark in Taiwan


Standing wave machine accommodates up to 10 wave riders simultaneously

June 30, 2008– American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), an innovator in artificial wave technology, announced today that the Yamay Resort in Taichung, Taiwan has selected the SurfStream™ standing wave machine for its Mala Bay Waterpark. An internationalclass waterpark, Mala Bay is home to one of the largest wave pools in Asia, measuring 110 by 33 meters.

Mala Bay selected the SurfStream 724, the largest of the waterpark models currently offered by American Wave Machines. The SurfStream creates a perfect standing wave for surfing and bodyboarding. Riders can use real surf boards with fins to surf on a deep cushion of water that creates an endless wave. With its substantial gravity driven stream, the SurfStream 724 can accommodate up to 10 wave riders simultaneously. As with all Surfstream wave machines, it can be used as a standalone ride or integrated with pools and artificial rivers.

“We chose the SurfStream because it is the only surf machine product that offers an actual standing wave and is therefore able to deliver both surfing and bodyboarding for riders at every skill level, ” said Luke Tan of Yamay Resorts. “We look forward to giving our visitors a realistic surfing and wave riding experience with SurfStream.” 

Mala Bay was designed by US-based White Water and is the largest waterpark in Taiwan. Since it opened in 2000, many amusement facilities have been added to the Yamay Resort. These include the Wave, which is the first large-scale open-air artificial wave pool in southeast Asia. Other fun facilities include the Chu Slide, where 1800 liters of water rushes down; the Beach Theater, where exotic music and dances are performed; the 270-meter-long River, where five different water slides are set up for children; and plenty of live performances, gift shops, restaurants, food stalls and rides.

“Yamay Resort is a high end waterpark that is always looking for ways to provide new and exciting experiences for its many visitors, ” said Bruce McFarland, president of AWM. “The SurfStream is great for waterparks because it offers both individual and group wave riding in a compact space with the natural fun and challenge of a real wave.” 

About American Wave Machines, Inc.

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM) develops wave generating technology that replicates the experience of real ocean surfing. Its patented SurfStream™, the world’s first standing wave machine, is a technology breakthrough that delivers real surfing and wave riding capabilities.

The company also offers PerfectSwell™ wave generators that create ocean type wave quality in standard wave pool designs. AWM surf technology is available for waterparks, surfparks, hotel resorts, and sponsored wave-riding exhibitions.

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