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Indoor Tsunami?! Are You Ready?


By Luyao Zheng & Jerry Koch

Tsunami (soo-na-mee): A giant wave (also known as a “tidal wave” or “harbor wave”), caused by the high-volume displacement of ocean water by seismic or weather-related events and capable of great destruction. 

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Few of us have ever experienced the power and awe of a real tsunami…and fewer, still, have been lucky enough to survive one.  Soon, anyone brave enough will be able to live through the deadly (not to mention, drenching) experience of a monster tidal wave in the imagined safety of an all-new concept in theme park entertainment.

Coming soon to China in 2012, “Tsunami!” is an indoor theater attraction from Mirage Entertainment that employs multi-media and live-action special effects to simulate a thrilling mass disaster experience.

 “People have all seen these sort of pictures and videos on TV, but I don’t think any of us really understand how big and powerful these waves would really be, ” said Brad Billington, CEO of Mirage Entertainment.  “This attraction will be a very impressive simulation of such an event.  The audience is going to feel like it’s real!  From the first step upon entering the building, they will be immersed in a coastal disaster scenario, culminating in this massive wall of water coming right at them!”

Sounds scarily exciting to this pair of reporters.

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