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New Entertainment at Tokyo Disneyland in 2014 and Tokyo DisneySea in 2015


Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that new entertainment will be introduced at Tokyo Disneyland® Park and Tokyo DisneySea® Park. “Once Upon a Time, ” an entertainment program richly using projection mapping* technology, will premiere at Tokyo Disneyland in 2014. And at Tokyo DisneySea, a new musical production themed to Disney’s The Little Mermaid will open in 2015 at Mermaid Lagoon Theater.

tokyo disneyland castle at nightAt Tokyo Disneyland; “Once Upon a Time”

A fantastic and heartwarming nighttime entertainment, “Once Upon a Time” richly uses projection mapping technology. Projection mapping makes it possible to project images  in a way that fits the contours of buildings and other  structures to produce a three-dimensional effect. This is  the first time for this technology to be used in an  entertainment program at Tokyo Disney Resort®.

Many of the inspiring stories from the Disney films,   including Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Alice  in Wonderland will be vividly projected in 3D on the exterior of Cinderella Castle, the symbol of Tokyo Disneyland. This show will also include popular musical pieces from these films and special effects, such as on-stage pyrotechnics.

Show Facts
Duration: About 15 minutes
Venue: Cinderella Castle
Opening Date: Spring or summer 2014 (tentative)
Investment Amount: About 2 billion yen (tentative)disneysea park tokyo mermaid lagoon

At Tokyo DisneySea; New production at Mermaid Lagoon Theater

The attraction, Mermaid Lagoon Theater, will be revamped, and a new musical production themed to Disney’s The Little Mermaid will be presented.

Mermaid Lagoon Theater will be renovated with upgraded stage and lighting technology, as well as new display screens to be installed at the rear of the audience seating area. As King Triton hosts a musical concert, familiar Disney characters, such as Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian, will present a mesmerizing world under the sea, just as in the movie, with lively music, songs and dynamic performances.

Show Facts
Duration: About 15 minutes
Opening Date: Spring 2015 (tentative)
Investment Amount: Undecided

Please note ;

1. The musical production “Under the Sea, ” currently presented at Mermaid Lagoon Theater, will close permanently on April 6, 2014. Mermaid Lagoon Theater will be closed from April 7, 2014 to spring of 2015 (tentative).

2. “The Legend of Mythica”, the daytime harbor show which opened in July 2006, will close on September 7, 2014.

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