Viral Video Success for “SPAmusement Park” at Beppu City, Japan

When Beppu City, Japan conceived the idea of a spa amusement park – “SPAmusement Park” – to combine the local hot springs with a theme park they naturally tested the water with a video.

The video, which shows theme park visitors enjoying various rides with hot tubs fitted into the carriages, promises that if it receives 1 million hits, the park will go ahead.

The video has gone viral and the target was reached just a few days after posting.

Yasuhiro Nakano, the mayor Beppu City, explains the thinking behind the concept: ”As the world’s biggest hot spring city, we will develop innovative ways to show people the appeal of a hot spring. SPAmusement is an initiative that we want to make a reality and the first step in making Onsen to evolve into a new era.”

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