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Epson’s Moverio smart glasses enable safe remote working

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Epson, the laser projection specialist, is helping businesses to work safer post-COVID-19 with its Moverio augmented reality smart glasses.

Epson is pleased to announce that its Moverio AR smart glasses are helping businesses to stay connected and work remotely, meeting the needs of a post-pandemic world. As the demand for remote assistance rises, Moverio technology delivers better productivity at lower costs, with a reduced carbon footprint.

Epson Movierio smart glasses are used to connect staff on-site with remote technical support, meaning that information and guidance can be given both visually and verbally with real-time two-way communication. Using this technology, technicians can resolve issues, undertake maintenance and conduct training.

Remote assistance

The AR display can show live video, which can be reviewed and annotated over the user’s field of vision. This allows the wearer to receive live instructions, such as on-screen annotations, documents and user-guides.

Epson Moverio smart glasses contain a binocular Si-OLED microdisplay, developed to produce sharp coloured detail on a large see-through overlay in front of the user’s eyes. With a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, unused display space appears transparent, and with an HD (720p) resolution, content can be overlaid onto the real world to create a high-quality Augmented Reality experience.

The equipment is light and comfortable for safe, hand-free working.

“Before, I felt like there was a wall between my colleagues and me,” says Anton Langer, Head of Global Manufacturing Technology, Siemens. It was very difficult because the key person able to resolve issues was located at another plant and simply could not get the information to us fast enough. With these glasses I feel like I’m standing beside my colleagues.”

“The glasses are very intuitive, and I can support my colleagues in China or in the US, and
they can also support me, agrees Alexander Esch, SG Neo Field Technician. “It’s a great way to increase my knowledge and it makes my job more efficient.”

An innovative solution

Now in its third generation with the Moverio BT-350, Epson has evolved the technology in response to customer feedback. The latest model includes improvements to the contrast ratio and the ergonomics, as well as the addition of a flip-up display and double battery pack for the Pro Series. The Pro Series controller also features physical buttons for use with protection gloves.

Epson has also collaborated with software partners, leading to new features and functionality, such as the ability to annotate and tag items in real-time, send documents, video, images and instructions.

“We use the glasses with Acty software allowing us to interact by sending documents, images or videos,” says Mirko Ballo, Customer Care Director, Marchesini Group. “We can send still and moving images, tag the actions to undertake, identify key points of a machine to touch and provide clear instructions.”

Epson has also been involved in a project to create an immersive visitor experience at Accademia Carrara in Bergamo, near Milan, Italy.

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