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Polin Waterparks – The Experience

Experience the Experience

The rush of water. The surge of adrenaline. The flow of energy. The screams of joy. You can’t describe it. You have to feel, experience it.
Polin has been doing what she is doing with that same feeling of anticipation and energy for nearly 40 years. Committed to safety and passionate about design, we’ve grown from a family company into a global leader, with 2500 waterpark projects in 93 countries worldwide. We’re proud to offer the industry’s widest range of waterpark / water play attractions. 
In time, passion became profession.
Our pioneering technologies and ground-breaking designs mean that we are the trusted suppliers to some of the world’s biggest, award-winning waterparks. We understand that each and every element within the waterpark matters and our thrilling waterslides help break attendance records for our clients all over the world. 
What we don’t like the most is paper talk.
It’s this attention to detail and desire for perfection that guarantees the quality and variety of our rides and ensures that every waterpark we work with delivers a unique experience. Game changing innovations such as our landmark King Cobra or L-RTM technology in waterslide manufacturing have set new industry benchmarks for creativity and excitement. 
Where there is fun there is joy, there is absolute perfection.
Now our logo has evolved to reflect our evolving business and vision. Inspired by the products we’re so passionate about, it represents a bird’s eye view of a spiralling water slide created from our company’s initials. Our logo might have been changed but our passion remains the same: the passion to innovate and exhilarate.
You are invited to experience, The Polin Experience. 
The Experience

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