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IdeAttack Reveal Details of “Eternity Passage” Theme Park, Beijing


IdeAttack, a global leader in the tourism and leisure design industry, have revealed details of “Eternity Passage” Theme Park in Beijing, China.  

Specialists in the planning and design of large scale mixed-use developments, custom theme parks, cultural attractions, destination resorts, latest trend immersive entertainment environments, sports entertainment facilities, and eco-friendly residential complexes, IdeAttack’s latest project is currently under construction (see gallery) and set to open to the public in summer 2015. 

IdeAttack rendering for

Located in ChangPing County, in Beijing city, “Eternity Passage” is approximately 35 km far from the city center and the international airport. The project site is close to the capital’s mountainous area with rich cultural and natural heritage in an already establish tourism zone including famous national monuments – it is on the way from Beijing city to the Great Wall of China at Badaling and in the vicinity of the Ming Dynasty tombs valley. 

“Eternity Passage” theme park will be part of Beijing Outlets World, a large complex that includes also an outlet shopping mall, a resort and a conference center. The theme park is directly connected to the shopping mall area and has been designed to complement the rest of the complex.

It is anticipated that the theme park will have attendance levels of 1.5 – 1.8 million visitors per annum.


IdeAttack's design for Talk Show attraction at

“Eternity Passage” is a cultural experience theme park inspired by the timeless values of Chinese cultural heritage. The overarching idea for the concept design is a vortex of time; a trans-dimensional spiral that connects points in space and time. 

The theme park is envisioned as a special “time-machine” that enables visitors to experience the fourth dimension with the help of high technology.  The idea was to connect the attractions with the limitless possibility of travel within China from one place to another without time or spatial limitations. Each attraction is a “technological fantasy”, a simulation of the future technology. 

Many of the attractions draw inspiration from important historical events and highlights of Chinese history, interwoven with local legends and myths, however some look instead to the future and there are also some dedicated to Beijing as the capital city.

The architectural style of the park follows the idea of the limitless nature of the attractions and symbolizes the passage between the past, present and the future. The forms, colors, textures, and shapes of the buildings are combination of stylized old and new forms, forming a new distinct, eternal architectural form.


IdeAttack's design for North Gate at

“Eternity Passage” will operate through two public entrances: one in the North (image above) and one in the South (image below).  The theme park itself will be divided into two zones, one with indoor attractions with partially covered walkways and another completely outdoor area with outdoor attractions.

IdeAttack's design for South Gate at

The development has a relatively small area for a theme park – 76, 000 sqm of which 32, 500sqm is constructed land – and so the layout has been designed to give the impression of a much larger footprint.  The configuration of the walking paths between the diverse areas, with a rich circulation matrix gives the illusion of a much larger area.  The theme park will also have the second level walking area in the central part of the park connected with three bridges. Every part of the project will have a green, uniquely designed, landscape to fit the overall time vortex theme.

As part of the wider concept of this theme park, the environment is very important and plays the role of an attraction in its own right.

Food and Retail

“Eternity Passage” is designed to have a wide range of unique retail and food offerings equally distributed throughout the theme park. One of the areas of the park is especially dedicated to the concept of organic food and healthy lifestyle and this concept is present in the entire food and beverage section of the park.


Attractions will include:

Vision Drop 

IdeAttack's design for Vision Drop attraction at

Future Space Travel (Space Tourism): This attraction looks into the future that is already started to happen– the space tourism era. In this attraction visitors will be able to experience “space travel”.

Voyages of Discovery (Zheng He)

Disaster Theater attraction is a combination of an indoor boat ride and a theater attraction based on seven expeditions of the admiral Zheng He to the South East Asia, South Asia, and east Africa during 15th century.

Beijing Time Machine 

A time travel themed attraction moving through the past, present and future of Beijing.

Nü Wa Mends the Heavens

An attraction themed around the Chinese Legend of the Beginning of the World

Outdoor Area – Magic Farm

IdeAttack's design for Outdoor Area at

This area of the park is inspired by local farming traditions that this part of Beijing is famous for. The Magic Farm is envisioned as a fantasy eco-world made of giant plants and produce, protected and cultivated by green dwarf fictional creatures.

“Haunted Farm” – Game Interactive Dark Ride 

This attraction is created with the intention to introduce a light horror theme to the theme park to boost diversity of experiences. The “haunted farm” theme is paired with the theme of the Outdoor Area of the park that celebrates the farming traditions of this area of Beijing. In the Outdoor Area of the park, the farming theme is presented as a fantasy, and here it has a horror genre twist.

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