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Chuck E. Cheese FECs heading to South America and Middle East

Chuck E. Cheese, the world’s largest FEC chain, is on track to have more than 100 international locations by 2022.

David McKillips with Chuck E. Cheese and friends

Chuck E. Cheese has signed development agreements in three new countries – Suriname, Guyana and Qatar – continuing its expansion across the Middle East and South America.

Chuck E. Cheese, the world’s largest family entertainment centre (FEC) chain, is on track to have more than 100 international locations by 2022. The new venue in Suriname is under construction and scheduled to open in the first half of 2022.

“Investors and entrepreneurs continue to recognize Chuck E. Cheese as a high ROI opportunity within their local markets,” said Arun Barnes, COO and SVP of international development for CEC Entertainment.

“With a unique business model that is unmatched in the FEC landscape, we are the brand that can have an immediate impact in almost any country around the globe, while providing a reliable cash flow for franchise partners who have a passion for family entertainment.”

Joanna Rostant, director of Yay! Entertainment in Trinidad and Tobago, has teamed up with Chuck E. Cheese to take its FEC concept to Guyana and Suriname through sub franchising.

100 international locations by 2022

The country “will experience strong positive economic growth in the next couple of years”, said Rostant. She believes that “the world’s leading family entertainment brand will be thoroughly enjoyed” in Suriname.

“It makes sense for Caribbean markets, and we are thrilled that Joanna’s strong operating model has positioned her company well to achieve and lead this exciting expansion,” Barnes added. “We look forward to her success in Suriname, and later in Guyana.”

Chuck E. Cheese has partnered with Benchmark Hospitality Services to develop the new locations in Qatar. “Working with the CEC International team is a pleasure,” said Yanni Jouaneh, franchise owner and CEO of Benchmark Hospitality Services.

“They have great systems and processes to support international franchising, and our business feasibility survey of the brand showcased a unique opportunity to bring in a highly profitable brand into Qatar’s exciting market landscape.”

Currently, Chuck E. Cheese operates more than 500 FECs in the US, and 90 international stores across 16 regions. The company has created a new international franchising website.

Images: CEC Entertainment

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