A look inside VR Star Theme Park, China

YouTuber Nathie has visited VR Star Theme Park in China. His post shows a wide array of tech on offer (but not many visitors).

VR Star Theme Park opened in Guizhou, China in 2018 and is the largest VR park in the world.

With a $1.5 billion price tag, it’s unlikely that there will be any new VR parks of this scale outside China soon. However, it’s interesting to take a peep inside to see the vast array of tech on offer.

VRFocus spoke to Nathie after his trip. In an interview he told them: “For sure this is the Walhalla for every VR enthusiast. All the simulators are there and all the headsets you ever dreamt of can be tried.”

Developing a VR attraction business model

Finding a business model for VR attractions is proving challenging for the industry, as the novelty of the technology fades for consumers.

Bob Cooney, a leading expert in Location-based Virtual Reality, believes that we need a fundamental shift in mindset.

Speaking at attractionsTECH by blooloop, Bob said that operators should not view VR as an item on a checklist:  “It’s just a display technology. Every arcade game within ten years will use VR as its display mechanism.”

As the technology improves he says that we will see the arcades of the future incorporating VR as part of an experiential resort.

VR World NYC offers a variety of VR attractions as well other amenities for visitors. Key to its success has been to create a socially engaging experience.

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