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Redemption Plus launches four-part Rebuilding Redemption campaign

Redemption Plus prizes at Great Escape

Redemption Plus, a supplier of redemption crane and merchandise prizes, has created a four-part plan to help bowling and family entertainment centres recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Redemption Plus is pleased to announce its new four-part plan, Rebuilding Redemption, which has been created to help bowling and family entertainment centres through the end of this year and into the start fo 2021. It includes prize and customer support solutions that businesses can use as they begin their recovery.

Rebuilding Redemption

The company will continue to offer its award-winning service packages, custom design, merchandising assistance and quality customer support throughout, showing its commitment to helping operators run profitable redemption businesses.

Redemption Plus has now also introduced a Reopening Toolkit, which features cleaning tips, marketing suggestion and more, to help businesses as they reopen and restart their redemption programmes. In addition, the company will continue to evaluate its products, using performance data and customer feedback to ensure that it is meeting post-COVID trends.

Expanded offerings

Over the course of the previous six months, Redemption Plus has taken the opportunity to look into where it can expand its line of products. As a result, clients can now browse over 200 new items that are arriving from now through to the end of 2020. These are part of both new and existing prize themes for the Redemption Plus line and mark the first major line expansion for the company in a few years.

Following its work to ensure it can keep high-moving import items in-stock and always available, the company can now expand the same efforts to its domestic and licensed items, meaning it can offer a more cohesive prize solution.

The new products are sorted into more than 10 new storyboard offerings, where operators can find themes such as Rock Band, Under the Sea and Fashionista. Furthermore, the company’s existing Storyboard offerings have been updated with new and refreshed prizes as well.

With many businesses still working through spring break inventory, this will give new and updated options for going into the festive season and 2021

Redemption Relief

Redemption Plus customers can also enjoy a 10% off promotion for the remainder of this year, redeemable by using the code REDEMPTIONRELIEF at the checkout. This will assist businesses as they work to recover with limited budgets

“As the economy continues to recover from nationwide shutdowns, families are reevaluating how they spend their discretionary income,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Through our temporary empathetic pricing model, family entertainment centers will be able to promote a “spend less, win more” approach to arcade game and redemption programs.

“Passing on the savings to the end-user will allow for a higher return on investment in the game room and promoting a positive guest experience.”

Earlier this year, Redemption Plus also launched a direct-to-consumer option, the Boredom Buster Box, in response to the global pandemic.

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