Birmingham museums

Birmingham Museums Trust has put out a request for tenders for an architect-led multidisciplinary team to lead their £18 million renovation project.

The application process closes January 27th with an estimated contract value of £2.6 million.  Up to five teams will be shortlisted.

The Architect’s Journal reports that the brief is to “reinvigorate an architecturally distinguished building that is one of the few remaining parts of the historic cityscape, and an important monument to the high-water mark of Birmingham’s ambition, municipal gospel and pride. The redevelopment of Paradise Forum will make it more visible than it has been for some 50 years.

“The bridge and Edmund Street are the focal point of the view through the new development, and the public realm here will mark the end of a cultural route leading from Symphony Hall past the Rep and the Library of Birmingham to a reimagined Museum and Art Gallery. It will redisplay one of the most distinguished civic collections in Europe for new audiences in the UK’s most diverse and youngest city.”

The project includes restoration work to the building, upgrades to facilities and exhibition spaces and a new annex.

Further information and details of how to apply can be found here.

Image: Birmingham Museums

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