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The ETF-Group takes over SOIOS B.V.


ETF Ride Systems, a leading ride designer and manufacturer, has announced that the ETF-Group has taken over the assets and employees of SOIOS B.V.

The ETF-Group has now taken over SOIOS B.V., a developer and producer of innovative road trains for both passenger and freight transport.

SOIOS has proven itself to be a leader in the field of electric and solar-powered vehicles in order to provide greener, emission-free transport. Using this environmentally-friendly technology can save operators up to €20,000 ($22,500) per year when it comes to energy and maintenance costs.

A range of vehicles

SOIOS produces several different types of train, for instance it has two wagons that can carry up to 50 passengers, and three wagons that can take up to 72 visitors. The trains can also run on slopes up to 20 degrees.

The vehicles are ideal for the attractions industry since they are also available with on-board screens and audio systems. They are supplied with acid lead or lithium battery packages and with two or four driven wheels.

This will add to ETF-Group’s existing portfolio, which includes the popular trackless dark ride vehicles by ETF Ride Systems. SOIOS will continue to produce and assemble its products under the ETF – SOIOS B.V. flag, providing transport for attractions such as theme parks, zoos and open-air museums as well as in other sectors such as business and construction.

Construction and assembly will be moved to the existing ETF-Group facilities at Nedeweert in The Netherlands, and the sales and marketing will be closely linked to that of ETF Ride Systems.

Earlier this year, ETF Ride Systems exhibited at the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Show (SEA) 2020, where it showcased Pirate Mania, a new mini dark ride designed for FECs, alongside Jora Vision. Pirate Mania is designed to add an interactive experience to indoor locations with a small footprint.

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