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ProSlide reflects on a year of successes and new installations

Company celebrates multiple award wins and completed projects

Proslide Atlantis MammothBLAST

ProSlide Technology Inc., an industry leader in water ride manufacturing and design, has looked back on a year of innovation and awards.

This year saw the return of in-person events, and the industry duly celebrated coming together again. Amongst the highlights, ProSlide’s team attended the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Show, IAAPA Expo Europe, the WWA Trade Show, Cruise Ship Interiors Expo, SETT, Jellystone Conference, the IAAPA Expo, Piscine & Wellness, and LeisurUp by MAPIC.

Ray Smegal, ProSlide chief commercial officer says “It’s been an absolutely thrill to see our clients again, talk about the future and finally connect face-to-face. This really isn’t an accomplishment for ProSlide to celebrate, but something for the entire industry too.”

Winning products

Rick Hunter and Greg White with Award

At the aforementioned IAAPA Expo in November, ProSlide once again became a record-breaking accolade winner. The company was the recipient of its sixteenth ‘Best New Water Ride’ Brass Ring Award (right, with ProSlide’s Rick Hunter and Greg White) in nineteen years.

The glass trophy was received for the water ride manufacturer’s work on the Launched Dueling RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER Water Coaster at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

ProSlide’s award shelf was also bolstered by three WWA Leading Edge Awards for installations at Europa-Park’s Rulantica, Atlantis’ Aquaventure Dubai and DreamWorks Water Park, and the Golden Ticket Awards’ Best Water Park Ride for the 10th year in a row.

The first-ever blooloop Innovation Award in the ‘Splash’ category was also awarded to ProSlide.

ProSlide DreamWorks Water Park Madagascar Tower
DreamWorks Water Park, American Dream, USA

Year of projects

2021 was another year of innovation, with some of the industry’s top operators working with ProSlide to develop one-of-a-kind installations. The Atlantis expansion of Aquaventure Dubai debuted the world’s first MammothBLAST Water Coaster, along with seventeen other ProSlide attractions, setting the bar high for water parks.

Baha Bay in the Caribbean installed thirteen ProSlide water rides, establishing itself as the leader for water parks in the region.

China saw two huge installations for ProSlide, one at OCT Playa Maya’s OCT Xi’an and another at Evergrande Ocean Flower.

ProSlide Baha Bay Water Park
Baha Bay, The Bahamas

In Europe, Europa-Park’s Rulantica water park opened an immersive, custom RideHOUSE named Svalgurok. The addition was developed in partnership with Show Canada, becoming one of the year’s most anticipated park expansions. 

Following the renowned success of Svalgurok at Rulantica, ProSlide announced a new partnership with Show Canada in November which will see the two experienced companies combining their creativity and innovation on future projects. The unique collaboration will provide clients with a newly differentiated ability to deliver unique slide theming to bring creative ideas to life.  

ProSlide Rulantica Svalgurok
Svalgurok, Rulantica, Germany

Continuing the trend

ProSlide shows little sign of slowing down as the company is already preparing to open several projects around the world in the coming years.

In the United States, ProSlide is working on two installations for SeaWorld at San Antonio and Tampa, along with installations at multiple Great Wolf Lodge and Six Flags sites.

Denmark’s Lalandia Sondervig will also see new installations, while ProSlide is also contributing to a new water park opening in Saudi Arabia. Other major projects announced for China in Yueqing and Fangcheggang, and Southeast Asia’s Blue Cove and Novahill Mui Nei provide a taster of what is to come.

Smegal is optimistic for next year. He says “ProSlide is fueled up and ready to hit the “Formula One circuit” of global water parks. With the strongest team in the history of our company, we are bringing our energy, creativity and water ride technology to every water park that wants to be their best.”

ProSlide recently celebrated its Cheetah Chase racing slides at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, a cutting edge installation.

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