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    Creativiva is a leading international creative event entertainment production company operating worldwide from its headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

    Considered as a global leader in creating, producing and delivering multi-genre customized live productions, Creativiva has over decade of international experience.

    We constantly experiment and integrate the latest trends in our corporate event entertainment production. With this passion for discovery and invention, Creativiva offers unique theatrical productions that feature stunning circus acts, breathtaking aerial acts, and unconventional visual design and characters. Our euphoria-inducing productions fascinate the audience regardless of age, language or cultural background. Our spectacles, where nothing is impossible, are dedicated to evoke emotions, stimulate the senses, and create the unforgettable experiences.

    Under the leadership of our founder and artistic director Lukas Cabalka, Creativiva has been dedicated to creating visually strong art performances on the edge of imagination. Today the brand is widely known for the exceptional quality of its shows, innovative approach to corporate event entertainment production, and magical heart-warming stories it presents to the audience. We customize absolutely everything to fit to your brand, venue, region, guest demographics and your budget! We create shows for theatres, open air venues, corporate events, dinner theatres, arenas, but also city squares and unconventional venues anywhere in the world.

    Creativiva scope of work in corporate entertainment includes consulting services, designing services, ideation and creative concept development, creation, production, touring management and event entertainment project management. Our clients are theatres, producers, promoters and presenters around the world, hotels and resorts, cruise line brands, theme parks, amusement parks, casinos, as well as city municipalities and governments, advertising, marketing agencies, but also major brands from different industries.



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