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IAAPA Expo 2019

IAAPA Expo 2021: the essential preview for attendees

Highlights of the upcoming industry show including events, speakers and exhibitors

IAAPA Expo 2021 is the leading international trade show for the attractions and amusement parks industry. This year it will play host to over 900 companies, showcasing new products and services from around the world.

The conference takes place between 15 – 18 November 2021 and the trade show opens on 16 November and runs to 19 November 2021. Both are held at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida, US.

IAAPA Expo 2019
IAAPA Expo 2019

With the return of the event, IAAPA has incorporated stringent measures to ensure the safety of all. Procedures in place include complimentary masks at registration, environmentally-friendly hand sanitiser dispensers and germicidal antibacterial soap. IAAPA has encouraged attendees to be vaccinated but it is not a requirement for attendance. An on-site first aid team will be on hand during the event.

For those who cannot physically attend IAAPA Expo this year, the association has created an IAAPA Expo Digital Pass, which includes online industry presentations and access to exhibitors.

Show highlights

IAAPA Expo education sessions are carefully curated to engage industry professionals. They encourage thought on topics that challenge traditional ways of thinking about how the attractions business operates.

Richard Zimmerman Cedar Fair
Richard Zimmerman Photo: Cedar Fair

Some popular events have already sold out, such as the GM and Owners’ Breakfast. The premier networking event for senior attractions industry professionals is sponsored by accesso and presented by Richard Zimmerman, Cedar Fair president & CEO.

Career Slam, an equivalent for young professionals to network, has also seen all tickets pre-allocated for the event.

IAAPA will host two major charity events, including the 18th Annual IAAPA International Charity Golf Tournament. This takes place on 14 November at Orlando’s Shingle Creek Golf Course. The IAAPA Footprints From the Heart 5K Run will feature on 18 November.

Both events are benefiting Give Kids The World Village, a charity that provides lasting experiences to children with critical illnesses. IAAPA’s vice-chair of the board of directors, Jim Pattison Jr. will also be shaving his beard for the charity.

Leading talks

Over 90 education sessions and roundtables are taking place specifically for attractions professionals, including EDUSessions; 60 or 90 minutes roomed education sessions, and EDUTalks; 15-minute speed-learning opportunities. Both are taking place live on the all-new EDUTalk Stage.

Winston Fisher, CEO AREA 15
Winston Fisher

Highlights include a talk by Winston Fisher, CEO of AREA15, who will discuss the transition of consumers from passive spectators to active participants, sharing his vision of the future for immersive and experiential attractions.

Fisher will provide a roadmap on how to meet the demand for detailed storytelling and curated content while appealing to a broader audience.

AREA15 recently presented the blooloop Innovation Awards, showcasing the spirit of innovation in the attractions industry.

A sample of the EduSessions will also be available to those attending using the IAAPA Expos Digital Pass.

Meet the exhibitors

IAAPA Expo 2021 is the largest international trade show for the amusements and attractions industry. This year’s trade show floor will be home to more than 900 exhibitors, over 570,000 net square feet of exhibition space. Here is blooloop’s selection of some of the top companies showcasing their products and services:

DOF Robotics – booth #2286

DOF Robotics and Feld Entertainment recently announced the debut of the dynamic Monster Jam Grave Digger monster truck VR simulator.

For the first time ever, customers can experience the thrill of driving one of the most famous monster trucks in the world, the Grave Digger. The simulator offers a range of movement on a six-axis platform featuring pitch, roll and yaw movements. The realistic motion is combined with exciting video delivered through VR headsets. This is coupled with strong wind effects to make for an unforgettable ride.

The DOF standalone attraction is perfect for all types of entertainment venues such as FECs,
theme parks and shopping centres.

The global leader in monster truck motorsports, Monster Jam provides full-throttle family fun for millions of fans around the world each year where they push all limits in Freestyle, Skills and Racing competitions. The legendary Grave Digger monster truck celebrates 40 years as the black and green wrecking machine in 2022.

Attendees can request a meeting by sending an email to the DOF Robotics team.

FORREC – booth #2069

FORREC, a leading entertainment design specialist, will be also showcasing some of its latest projects at IAAPA Expo. The company’s projects include a record-breaking new attraction based on the thriller franchise John Wick at Motiongate, Dubai. The coaster simulates the action of the movies on a 4D track, whilst incorporating freestyle spins.

Following a restoration project, the Canadian Niagara Power Generating Station has been transformed into the Niagara Parks Power Station. FORREC worked alongside Niagara Parks in determining the overall vision, narrative, programming, and guest experience. It also developed a conceptual master design plan and interpretive plan for the new multi-faceted visitor experience.

Niagara Parks Power Station, Generator Floor – Niagara Falls

Vice president Linda Hung will be on the “Bringing it Back to the Basics: Lessons Learned from Resilient Theme Parks and Attractions panel” on 15 November. Eric O’Rourke will be discussing “FEC: Sustainable Initiatives for Protecting the Planet” on the same day.

To book a meeting with FORREC, attendees can email the team or visit the booth to see what the company has been up to.

iPlayCO – booth #4069

iPlayCO, a leading play structure manufacturer, will be showcasing its new “TAG Active” which is an adrenaline park equipment line. TAG Active is a creative blend of physical obstacles and challenges promoting fitness, fun, and competition.

A new concept in social active leisure through the technological gamification of physical events, players wear electronic bands to provide gamification and competitive metrics. 

Tag arena games are designed to test strategy, speed and agility as well as fitness, fun and competition. The arena is split into separated zones, permitting enhanced player distribution and capacity management.

TAG Active Arena IAAPA

Hidden throughout the arena activities are a large number of illuminated TAGs. These are controlled via a central computer and glow in different colours corresponding to a pre-determined points system. Points are collected by players using a sensor worn as a wristband.

When a wristband is located onto a TAG’s light source, a point’s value is allocated to the specific player’s wristband. As the player identifies and reaches more TAGs, the players score escalates.

iPlayCO went into more detail on its new TAG Active system this summer, talking to blooloop. – booth #4649, a leading creator of mobile visitor apps, is Orlando for the 2021 IAAPA Expo.

Visitors will get a sneak preview of new user segmentation tools that are due to launch later in the year. The “ Park” will be available for participants in an interactive demo. 

New features will enable operators to collate data relating to guests’ activity on-site and filter insights. This can be done according to specific criteria including ticket type, app activity, visit history and marketing opt-in status. app demo

Over on the stage,’s CEO and founder Mark Locker will also be presenting a keynote. This is called “How mobile app technology can help attractions thrive by connecting the digital and physical experience”.

Locker is a visitor attraction and technology expert, working with the UK’s most popular theme parks for over 20 years. He now helps attractions drive revenue using smart technology. He will share his experiences of developing digital strategies for some of the world’s leading attractions during the 60-minute session.’s Ellen Wilkinson wrote for blooloop on the demographic trends set to shape the industry post-COVID.

Haystack Dryers – booth #2158

Haystack Dryers, a leading manufacturer of body drying products, will be on its IAAPA Expo stand to discuss its body drying customer service. As well as new ways to initiate its body dryers via cashless payment technology, it is also ready to discuss driving secondary spend and guest satisfaction.

Theme parks with water experiences continue to be a major part of Haystack Dryers’ client base. However, the company also works alongside indoor waterparks, many of which have been benefitting from its services in recent years. 

Haystack Dryers Theme Park IAAPA

The manufacturer will be meeting prospective new clients and discussing how it can tailor its solutions to their needs. To arrange a meeting, attendees can send the Haystack team an email to arrange a time.

Extreme Engineering – booth #4800

Extreme Engineering, a leading adventure attractions company, has announced it will debut four new attractions at IAAPA Expo 2021. Almost two years since the pandemic commenced, Extreme Engineering will be back at the first booth found as attendees head down the escalator.

From three new suspended family coasters, a new adventure Parkour ride to all-new project locations, Extreme Engineering says it will have plenty to celebrate on the IAAPA trade show floor.

Extreme Engineering Parkour Around IAAPA

Phil Wilson, executive vice president says:

“We have the world’s first surfboard suspended roller coaster called Surfin Tsunami, a brand new side by side coaster at faster speeds called Cloud Coaster Storm and an interactive coaster called Sky Tag. There is also our latest adventure ride called Parkour Around, where people literally experience what is like to be Super Mario Brothers!”

Extreme Engineering’s press conference will take place at IAAPA’s Press Conference Booth at 4:40 pm on 16 November. 

Attendees can request more information on the Parkour Around concept at the booth or by email.

Extreme Engineering also announced its new Cloud Coaster Storm suspended coaster in August, which offers double the speed and capacity of their previous product.

SenSource – booth #5437

SenSource Inc., a creator of people counting hardware and reporting software, will showcase its people-counting technology with a live demonstration of its sensors in action. It invites attendees to visit the booth and see why some of the biggest names in the industry trust SenSource. 

The company’s people counting sensors are used to monitor entrances and exits at the gate as well as to calculate real-time occupancy. Sensors can be used inside a venue as well. They can monitor the usage of interior spaces such as theatres, classrooms, and retail.

SenSource occupancy display

For amusement parks, SenSource’s ride wait time technology calculates guests estimated wait time and total ride throughput. These data points can be pulled into clients’ existing business systems using SenSource’s Vea Software API. 

Attendees can book a meeting via email.

In July, SenSource announced safe solutions for the attractions industry as COVID-19 restrictions began to be lifted around the world, in the form of its SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring System.

Alterface – booth #2051

Alterface, a leader in interactive technology, will be celebrating 20 years of fun this year. Among its latest products, it will be providing the first insight into its new concept “The Wander”. This is a software tool to create and activate stories in the mind of designers. It allows thousands of visitors to play at the same time, with multiple days of content dynamically adjusted to their actions in themed venues.

The company can fit attractions in any space, small or big, indoor or outdoor, open space or with walls and pillars. Alterface says infrastructure constraints are seen as a creative challenge to its team.

Alterface Wander Blooloop IAAPA

Alterface was also recently honoured with third place in the blooloop Innovation Awards‘ Interactive category.

IAAPA Expo 2021 visitors can pre-book a meeting with the team to discuss their requirements.

Last spring, creative director Laurence Beckers reflected on two decades of successful projects. For instance, the interactive theatre Desperados and Maus au Chocolat, its first major dark ride.

wiegand.waterrides – booth #3807

wiegand.waterrides, a leading water rides and attraction provider, will be providing project updates at IAAPA Expo 2021.

The company is the only waterslide manufacturer with both stainless steel waterslides as well as FRP slides in its portfolio. Although there have been issues in the worldwide supply of certain materials, due to the company’s conservative stock policy it has negotiated these issues and delivered all projects in time. 

Many of wiegand.waterrides’ clients are public pools, creating constant demand during some challenging years.

Gamewave wiegand.waterrides

wiegand.waterrides is currently constructing its largest indoor waterslide ever at Therme Erding in Germany. This is set to open for Christmas 2021.

wiegand.waterrides also recently reflected on four decades in the industry, as part of its 40th birthday celebrations.

Josef Wiegand – #booth 3806

Josef Wiegand, a family-owned manufacturer of toboggan runs, rail-mounted toboggans and stainless steel dry slides, says mountain destinations are booming. Besides the ever-popular premium AlpineCoaster summer toboggan by Wiegand, dry slides in the form of a Slide&Hike Path are also getting more and more popular, with three installations taking place in Austria before the end of this year.

Ideal for use with existing cable car or chair lift systems, this concept invites visitors of all ages to rent a light slide mat and walk down the mountain interrupted by a variety of different spectacular stainless steel slides. These come in different forms – parallel racers, dark or open slides, freefall effects or spirals.

Weigand Slide Gaisberg Rätseltour
Photo: Mathäus Gartner

Combining two strengths of Wiegand, the AlpineCoaster track and the interactive speed control of the Bobkart, Josef Wiegand showcases the CoasterKart. Regardless of the weather, these LIM powered two-seaters are easy to use with over the shoulder lap bars, accelerating with ease.

A mountainside is not required for CoasterKart, which can dip and climb up to five metres (15ft) without the need for foundation work. Two parallel tracks can create racing fun and push the capacity to 1.400 people per hour. This concept is already open in Rowdy Bear’s Ridge in Pigeon Forge and Tower Park in Wales. Next year will also see new installations in Northern Germany and Thailand.

In August, Josef Wiegand celebrated the success of twins in their attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for Continuous Sliding. This featured the company’s 250m long stainless-steel tunnel slide.

Sunkid – booth #3056

Sunkid, a leading provider of attractions for the whole family, is preparing to showcase a wide range of attractions for all ages at IAAPA Expo 2021.

On its booth, the company will introduce its newest family ride, the Sunrider. This is a completely interactive, non-electric ride that also has an optional coin operation mode. By pulling and pushing the hand levers, guests can move the ride vehicle forwards or backwards on a rail. The ride provides opportunities for physical activity and interaction.

Furthermore, Sunkid will present its Mountain Coaster and its latest Project at Ain Dubai. Here, the company delivered a loading conveyor to the biggest observation wheel worldwide.

Sunkid Tower Mirabilandia

In attendance at the booth will be Georg Dobler, sales and product manager for family rides and Christopher Kössler, head of marketing.

Sunkid developed a custom Moving Carpet boat conveyor belt for last summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Gateway Ticketing Systems – booth #4847

Gateway Ticketing Systems, a leading provider of admission control systems, is bringing back its successful Guest Journey experience, but in an updated format. This year, visitors can pre-book a free timed ticket to experience the Guest Journey with a Gateway team member and discover their operations from the perspective of their guests; from ticket purchase all the way to exiting the venue.

Booth visitors will follow a guest account live and watch as Gateway’s Galaxy Ticketing and Guest Experience solution registers all of their transactional touchpoints, forming a 360-degree view of their visit, and enabling the Gateway team to personalise their experience.

Gateway was also nominated for a Brass Ring Award in the category of “Marketing Excellence, Best Digital Marketing Campaign”. This was in recognition of its webinar series, Webinar Wednesdays.

Gateway Ticketing Systems IAAPA

Gateway will deliver a 20-minute presentation titled “Using Your Ticketing Solution to Personalize the Guest Experience”. This will take place on the show’s new EDUTalk Stage on Tuesday from 11:45 -12:05.

Tickets to Guest Journey are available here.

In August, Gateway also announced it onboarded Phoenix Zoo with Galaxy Connect, allowing the attraction to streamline its ticket sales on third-party distributor websites.

Falcon’s Creative Group – booth #2091

Falcon’s Creative Group, the entertainment design firm, will also be exhibiting at the upcoming IAAPA Expo. Here, the team will be on hand to discuss the company’s services, products, and latest projects.

Attendees can pre-book a meeting by visiting Falcon’s Creative Group website. Those unable to attend but still wanting to discuss a project can schedule a virtual meeting by email.

Dave Mauck-Cecil Magpuri Falcon's and Oceaneering

Falcon’s Beyond Global, a fully integrated development enterprise for IP-driven parks, resorts, media and merchandise, has recently chosen to use Oceaneering Entertainment Systems (OES) for ride systems in its new ventures such as its dark rides and Suspended Theatres.

Animax – booth #1065

Animax Atom Animatronic Robot

Animax Designs, a specialist in the creation of animatronics and interactive characters, will be debuting “Atom,” an IP-agnostic, modular and scalable humanoid animatronic designed to meet the growing needs of a broader market, including museums, smaller LBEs, casinos and more.

Powering Atom is Animax’s proprietary animation controls system, ProtoniX. ProtoniX can be easily integrated with Atom and any other system used by themed parks and exhibitions. This allows for superior motion control and virtually real-time animation changes.

The team at Animax is excited to introduce both Atom and ProtoniX to the world of themed entertainment experiences as they represent a new paradigm of immersion.

For more information or to meet Atom up close and personal, attendees can reach out to Jay Rottinghaus, VP of strategy & business development.

Earlier this year, Cityneon, a company that acquired Animax Designs, was recognised as one of Singapore’s best-managed companies by Deloitte.

accesso – booth #5131

accesso Technology Group PLC, a leading technology provider, has announced that after over a year of planning, it will be introducing multiple avenues to connect with the company during IAAPA Expo 2021.

As a Global and Silver sponsor, accesso invites attendees to the GM and Owner’s Breakfast on 17 November.

Following this, on EDUTalk Stage at Booth #1388 accesso’s chief commercial officer Andrew Jacobs will lead a brief presentation about “Powering Positive Guest Experiences with Virtual Queuing” from 12:20-12:40 pm. Jacobs will be diving into the world of smartphone technology and expanding upon how operators can harness software innovation to enhance their venue’s operations.   

Accesso IAAPA Expo blooloop

Attendees can visit the booth to speak with the accesso team and discover what their software can do for businesses. Prospective customers can also connect with the accesso team by clicking here.

Earlier this month, accesso announced it has signed a three-year agreement with Illuminarium Experiences, a global experiential entertainment company.

Triotech – booth #1069

Triotech, an award-winning creator of media-based attractions, has announced it will be displaying its largest booth in the company’s history, covering 3,600 square feet with several interactive rides directly on the show floor.

The company will be launching its brand-new attraction: Hyper Ride. This is an innovative interactive media-based dark ride that brings “destination park level experiences” to smaller venues. For instance, FECs, LBE venues, and tourist sites. Triotech’s idea is to bring an experience that is worthy of a destination theme park but closer to home. 

The STORM interactive VR simulator was a hit at the last IAAPA Orlando show. Now, guests will enjoy the latest movie released this Summer, “Sugary Slope”. This interactive adventure will take embark players on a fun, action-packed, and competitive race in a world of candy and chocolate geysers.  

Triotech logo

Finally, visitors will also be available to try Triotech’s top earners for Family Entertainment Centers. These are the coin-op simulator, Typhoon and the iconic interactive theatre XD Dark Ride. 

Triotech will also hold a press conference to announce an important project for a major tourist site. This will take place on 17 November at 1.40 pm (Booth #3040). The company will also host complimentary drinks and snacks for attendees on the same day at 5 pm (Booth #1069).

Triotech spoke to blooloop back in May about its Knott’s Berry Farm project to reimagine the park’s beloved Knott’s Bear-y Tales ride for its centenary.

ProSlide Technology – booth #2254

ProSlide Technology Inc., an industry leader in water ride manufacturing and design, has also announced its return to IAAPA Expo.

The company will be showcasing its innovative designs and best-in-class projects from around the world on the trade show floor. Attendees will be able to learn more about the company’s premium water rides and game-changing technology as well as why ProSlide is the recipient of many IAAPA Best New Water Rides awards.

ProSlide was also the recent winner of three “Leading Edge” awards, as chosen by the World Waterpark Association.

Cheetah Chase Splashin Safari ProSlide

Attendees can speak with a member of the team about how ProSlide can help their water park project.

ProSlide brought the MammothBLAST Water Coaster to Atlantis Aquaventure this summer. Its latest innovation is found in the Dubai park as part of the resort’s expansion.

JRA – booth #1666

JRA, a leading experience designer, plans, designs, and delivers award-winning visitor experiences for theme parks, museums, corporations, and leisure destinations worldwide. As an IAAPA Global Expo Sponsor, it looks forward to celebrating the past and anticipating the future at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando. 

JRA owner and CEO Keith James will be celebrating 50 years in the attractions industry at the company’s booth. From Kings Island to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, James has left his imprint on some of the biggest theme parks in the world. He has inspired thousands of clients and colleagues along the way. 

Attendees will also be able to ask about upcoming projects, with JRA about to embark on one of its biggest years. It has over a dozen destinations opening around the world in 2022.

JRA VP Shawn McCoy will also be taking part in the popular session, “Emerging Trends in Immersive Design”. This takes place on 15 November at 4 pm.

To make an appointment with JRA at IAAPA Expo, contact Chloe Hausfeld, director of marketing & business development.

In the summer, JRA announced it is working with Cortina Productions on a new indoor play space in Jamestown, New York.

Simworx – booth #3421

Simworx, the dynamic media attractions specialist, will be showcasing innovative products and recent project accomplishments at IAAPA Expo 2021.

In 2021, the team installed two instances of its popular Stargazer attraction. One is at Hunderfossen Eventyrpark and the other is at Riyadh Season Boulevard. The immersive Reodor Felgen’s Hyperakselerator ride for Hunderfossen Eventyrpark in Norway has been a big hit. The attraction features characters from the famous Norwegian author and illustrator, Kjell Aukrust’s, Flåklypa Universe.

Simworx’s latest product, designed specifically for the FEC market, is their new Alpine Racer VR. This delivers a dynamic but compact attraction. It is an affordable solution for smaller vendors that immerses guests and offers a taste of racing in a snowmobile at high speed down icy alpines.

Simworx IAAPA Expo 2021 Invite

In attendance at booth #3421 will be, Terry Monkton, CEO; Paul Kent, global business development manager; Rafael Smith, sales manager; Matt Clarkson; creative designer and Nicole Sangster, digital content producer.

Simworx also recently announced its latest attraction launch in Saudi Arabia, the Masameer Experience, based on the cartoon IP produced for Netflix.

Simtec Systems GmbH – booth #1354

Simtec Systems, a leader in motion simulation, will be presenting its HEXaFLITE and FUNRIDE motion-based attraction product families at IAAPA Expo 2021.

The system design of the HEXaFLITE 2.0 allows full 6-DOF movements right from the beginning of the ride in the loading position. This possibility combines a traditional motion-based simulator ride with a flying theatre.

Especially for venues with reduced ceiling heights of around 6m, Simtec also offers their new HEXaFLITE 4 & 8 mini. These systems are available with electric or hydraulic 6DOF motion systems.

Simtec Hexaflite

FUNRIDE OCS (Open Cabin Simulator) motion-based systems and the FUNRIDE CCS (Closed Cabin Simulator) have been in operation for two decades. Plus, both systems are being continually developed.

The FUNRIDE OCS has the option to also be operated as an Immersive Tunnel Attraction. The FUNRIDE OCS TR (On Track) is a special FUNRIDE version where the motion system is mounted on a platform. This allows for it to be moved through or into a dome theatre.

To schedule an IAAPA Expo meeting at the Simtec booth click here.

Simtec celebrated wins for two of its projects at the Asia Attractions Golden Crown Awards last year.

Embed – booth #606

Embed, a leading worldwide supplier of point-of-sale and revenue management systems, will be announcing something new at the show, following the launch of the Mobile Wallet at IAAPA Expo 2019.

Two years after unveiling the breakthrough innovation, Embed’s Mobile Wallet (the virtual game card that sits in a consumers’ mobile wallet) is still the only non-banking, finance-payment or loyalty card business and brand card that sits in Google Pay or Apple Wallet.

Embed was the first to go to market with the Mobile Wallet. It partnered with Apple and Google to gain certification solutions approval for the next-gen of cashless payments.

Renee Welsh, Embed CEO says “We have a clear vision of the FEC of the future, and the product we’re unveiling at IAAPA Expo 2021 is a product that will transform what FECs are willing to accept from their business solutions providers. The only thing I’ll say about the product is that ‘size matters’, and I’ve already said too much!”

Embed IAAPA Expo 2021

Embed’s booth will host daily Happy Hour sessions from 2 – 6 pm and free product demos. The company will also be giving out freebies and announcing its new innovation at IAAPA Expo 2021.

Attendees can schedule an appointment here with Embed’s chief management consultant of North America, Kash Ahmad.

Embed also provided integrated cashless solutions to Planet Royale, a new multi-venue entertainment centre in Perth, Australia.

ETF Ride Systems – booth #4229

ETF Ride Systems, a leading ride designer and manufacturer, has announced it will introduce a new water ride type designed to fit into water and theme parks.

For IAAPA Expo 2021, the ETF Aqua Mover concept will be exhibited. This sees vehicles following an embedded wire below the water. The ride is based on ETF’s trackless ride system technology, which 750 vehicles currently operate on around the world. Where traditional dark rides follow a pre-determined path, multiple routing is possible, adding a new dimension to indoor attractions.

ETF Ride Systems Tiki Splash

Ruud Koppens, CEO of ETF Ride Systems says “We regularly get the question whether our people movers are also available for water applications. From now on we can say wholeheartedly ‘yes’, thanks to our new ETF Aqua Mover which is also included in the Tiki Splash Roulette.”

Earlier this year, ETF Ride Systems saw the opening of Hotel Transylvania at Dream Island, Moscow’s indoor theme park.

Roto – booth #669

Roto, a leading planning & design-build firm, is an interdisciplinary creative design agency offering planning, experience design, immersive media, interactive engineering, and custom fabrication for museums, brand destinations, attractions, zoos and aquariums.

The company’s clients include Universal Creative, WDI, Smithsonian Institution, The Legacy Museum, the Northern Virginia Science Center, the Denver Museum of Nature and ScienceMSI Chicago, and the National Museum of Military Vehicles.

The firm was founded in 2004 by Joseph Wisne, recently named as one of the top 50 Museum Influencers of 2021 by blooloop. With headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, Roto has more than 75 employees across an ecosystem of multidisciplinary studios.

Roto National Museum of Military Vehicles IAAPA Expo 2021

In January 2022, Roto will be expanding its presence to Florida with the acquisition of an Orlando-based fabrication company. Keep an eye out for the official announcement via blooloop during IAAPA Expo.

Roto encourages visitors to introduce themselves at its booth and learn more about the firm’s latest projects. Attendees can also book a meeting with the Roto team by emailing in advance.

In February, Roto announced an expanded leadership team, featuring amongst its names principal – immersive media, Sheila Scullin and principal – research and strategy Christian Long.

Lagotronics Projects – booth #5124

Lagotronics Projects, the media-based attractions specialist, is currently working on several projects involving dark rides, interactive attractions and interactive walkthroughs, of which some are in the US.

For most new projects Lagotronics use its latest innovation, the “4th generation” interactive system. The system is based on GPS-like technology, enabling operators to know the precise positions of individual guests in an area or attraction. The company has developed dispatch timers for US parks to help operators increase the efficiency of loading and unloading an attraction.

Another recent development is an interactive water gun target system for attractions such as splash battle attractions or rapid rivers. For every target guests hit, an interaction can be triggered. For example, movement, sound or special effects including water sprays, fire or smoke.

Lagotronics Projects IAAPA Expo 2021

Lagotronics will be discussing the 4th generation interactive system at IAAPA Expo 2021 in Orlando. Company CEO Mark Beumers and Sales Manager Tom Bouwens will be in attendance.

Attendees can send an email to Bouwens or Beumers to pre-book an appointment or find Lagotronics at the Ride Entertainment booth, its US sales partner.

Lagotronics Projects recently announced the launch of a new interactive concept, the Battle Arena flat ride, for theme parks, amusement parks and FECs.

Intamin – booth #5121

Intamin, a creator of record-breaking amusement rides, will be highlighting its latest installed coasters such as the Movie Park Studio Tour, a Multi Dimension Coaster at Movie Park Germany.

Other designs are bring exhibited at IAAPA Expo 2021 such as the upgraded Surf Family 2.0. This includes the Surf Rider 2.0 which is available in two sizes, and The Ultra Surf, an enhanced ride experience.

Intamin Movie Park Studio Tour Movie Park Germany

Attendees can arrange meetings with Intamin by email, or visit the booth to find out more information.

In July, Intamin also announced the opening of Namazu at Vulcania in France, a popular themed amusement and science park.

Hologate – booth #4482

HOLOGATE, a global leader in turnkey compact multiplayer VR systems, will be showcasing ground-breaking new products and games including three virtual reality escape rooms for the ARENA system, ZOMBYTE 2.0, the sequel to their hugely popular ZOMBYTE and the HOLOGATE TERMINAL.

The company will also be announcing the premiere of HOLOGATE X at IAAPA Expo 2021. This is its next-gen free-roaming VR adventure platform. ‘HYPER GOLF’, a fusion of miniature golf and digital arcade experience, will be unveiled too.

Hologate Arena IAAPA Expo 2021

HOLOGATE’s SVP of U.S. Operations, Gregg Katano, will also be hosting the panel, “Location Based Virtual Reality: The Challenges, Successes, and Why Now is the Time!” on 16 November at 8:30 am. This will feature thought leaders from Main Event, Dark Slope Studios, HYPERVSN, and Fire Loop VR.

To schedule a meeting with a HOLOGATE representative at the show, attendees can email Ferdinand (Ferdi) Eppensteiner, HOLOGATE’s head of sales.

HOLOGATE announced the opening of its new extended reality entertainment franchise venue, HOLOGATE WORLD FLAIR, this summer, with a 1,200-square-meter location in Germany. 

Immersive Arts – booth #3982

Immersive Arts, a design firm specialising in realistic, multi-sensory attractions and visitor experiences, will be debuting two new attraction design projects at IAAPA Expo 2021.

A gallery of 3D concept visuals on display will include an industry-first battle royale e-sports arena experience. Immersive Arts will also be celebrating its newly patented, industry-first thrill ride, the Unharnessed Fall System. The product was recognised at the inaugural blooloop Innovation Awards earlier this month.

Immersive Arts new concepts
Immersive Arts’ new indoor water park destination (left) and Battle Royale esports attraction (right)

Attendees can visit the booth in order to discuss their next project. They can also learn more about Immersive Arts’ services, and its “work now, pay later” program. In-person or virtual meetings can be scheduled with the company’s team by email.

Earlier this year, Josh Cohen wrote an opinion piece for blooloop exploring water park design trends of the future.

Valo Motion – booth #4286

Valo Motion, a pioneer in combining interactive technology with physical activities, has announced it will showcase the company’s newest product, ValoJump air. This mixed reality attraction is full of fun games, played while jumping on an air track.

ValoJump air can fit in a variety of different customer types and locations. In addition, ValoJump air is a turnkey system that is safe and fully automated. As players are on their own air tracks, this digital attraction is safe and hygienic with no wearables.

ValoJump air provides an immersive digital experience in a compact space while offering an easy, inexpensive retrofit opportunity. After each game, players can share a selfie video online. Operators can also add their logo for promotional purposes.

Valo Motion Valo Jump IAAPA Expo 2021

Attendees can visit the booth to hear more about Valo Motion’s IAAPA Expo special offer, as well as to see ValoJump air in action. Get in touch with Valo Motion to book a meeting and to receive guest passes to the show.

Valo Motion also announced ValoLeague in May 2021, the first Active eSports League for mixed reality trampoline and climbing walls.

Severn Lamb – booth #5119

Severn Lamb, a leader in the manufacture and supply of leisure, resort and amusement transport, invite attendees to meet its regional sales team, led by Chris Freed.

The team will be on hand to discuss prospective customers’ leisure transportation requirements and explain some of its notable projects. In the UK, Severn Lamb’s new battery electric, Ultra-Light Rail Trains are currently being commissioned on Southend Pier.

Alongside tracked trains, the manufacturer will also discuss eco-friendly battery-electric Landau road trains. The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew in London recently commissioned one of these.

Severn Lamb Kew Gardens Train IAAPA Expo 2021

To arrange a catch up at the booth, IAAPA Expo 2021 attendees can email Severn Lamb.

Recently, Severn Lamb provided more details on its two major projects at Southend-on-Sea and Kew Gardens.

Smart Monkeys, Inc. – booth #865

Smart Monkeys, Inc., the show control specialist, will be exhibiting for the seventh year in a row at IAAPA Expo 2021. The company offers a range of entertainment control, software and network-related services.

Smart Monkeys, Inc. has also created the first fully AV/IT platform for managing and supervising entertainment systems, and will be previewing the next release of this product on the trade show floor.

Smart Monkey Inc IAAPA 2021 Isaac

ISAAC 2.0 is more powerful than ever with a new user interface and workspace experience. The addition of new ecosystem’s partners and upgraded hardware configuration makes this release a milestone in the platform’s development. ISAAC 2.0 has also been named Infocomm 2021 Best of Show Winner for AV Technology.

Smart Monkeys, Inc. has announced a new partnership with AV Stumpfl, in order to integrate ISAAC API into the PIXERA media server platform.

Walltopia – booth #4017

Walltopia, a world leader in the climbing and adventure & leisure industries, will be showing a number of its latest products and developments at IAAPA Expo 2021.

Highlights include two new product lines. The first, Elevated Playgrounds, is a range including Cloud Climbs, Adventure Trails, and a new design of playhouse compositions. These feature Walltopia climbing and netted elements and slides.

IAAPA Expo 2021

Walltopia’s Parkour Tracks include a variety of blocks, walls and bars. A new version of an obstacle course, this mirrors different obstructions found in urban areas. To overcome these, participants will have to use their whole body and a range of techniques. The winner will reach the finish line quickest or show off their style and creativity with finesse.

Booth guests will also discover new developments of existing products. The Rollglider returns with a Jump&Run version and new models of Fun Walls are on offer featuring the Gamifier. Digital product configurators will be available for the Rollglider and Ropes Course. At IAAPA Expo 2021, visitors can design projects at the Walltopia booth and get a direct quote from the team.

Attendees can pre-book meetings with the Walltopia team on the company’s official website.

Walltopia recently celebrated the fact that an ambitious project which was delayed by the pandemic is now open to guests in China.

Interlink, a leading water ride designer and manufacturer, will be announcing some new ride designs at IAAPA Expo 2021, as well as showcasing some of its recent projects.

One key project that the company has been working on is a themed SuperFlume for Qetaifan Island North in Qatar. The ride takes visitors on a journey through the last 100 years of oil production in the region. There are several themed zones reflecting the history and techniques of the industry. It then culminates in a dramatic splashdown, following a special effect-filled vertical lift to the top of a 16m high chute. 

Interlink Promo Video

Interlink is also bringing a Water Battle and a SuperFlume to the Lost Island Theme Park in Waterloo, Iowa, opening next year. 

Head to the company’s booth to find out more about its latest innovations.

Themed Entertainment Association – booth #1366

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) will be waiting to meet friends old and new at its booth.

In addition, it will also be hosting a number of events throughout IAAPA Expo 2021. On Tuesday 16 November, TEA IBOD President, Chuck Fawcett, will be announcing the 2021 Thea Award Recipients at 2 pm. The TEA International Mixer at ICON Park follows this in the evening.

TEA_IAAPA_Schedule_2021 IAAPA Expo 2021

On Thursday 18 November, TEA members will be taking part in the annual Give Kids the World Village 5k. Finally, on Friday 19 November, the TEA Annual Member Meeting will take place at 8 am.

Last month, following a successful IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona, the TEA Europe and Middle East division came together for SATE Europe 2021. The event took place at PortAventura in Spain.

QubicaAMF – booth #1006 and booth #1306

QubicaAMF, a leading provider of high-quality, innovative products for bowling and entertainment centres, will have two booths at IAAPA Expo 2021. Booth #1006 will feature two full-sized bowling lanes with the BES X Bowler Entertainment, as well as HyperBowling. This was named Best New Product in the 2018 IAAPA Brass Ring Award.

Visitors will also be able to discover the company’s EDGE String Pinspotters and its new Conqueror Web Reservation System and Conqueror Kiosk.

QubicaAMF River City IAAPA Expo 2021

Meanwhile, booth #1306 will feature four lanes of its new Fly’n Duck duckpin lanes, which it unveiled earlier this year. QubicaAMF is the world’s largest manufacturer of bowling and mini bowling products. It is on a mission to make bowling amazing through innovative new products.

To schedule an appointment, attendees can email in advance, or drop by the reception desk at booth #1006.  

Leisure Development Partners – booth #1683

Leisure Development Partners (LDP), a leading economics and strategy consultant, is platinum sponsor of the IAAPA Show Floor Lounge, which is adjacent to the company’s booth. The LDP team is based here all week. They will be happy for attendees to drop by to take some time out or for a chat.

In April, as part of the first-ever greenloop conference, LDP’s senior partner Michael Collins presented a session exploring the financial benefits of sustainability for attractions. This summer it also announced the appointment of a new partnerKathleen LaClair. LaClair will be heading the company’s US office and leading projects in the Americas as part of the company’s strategic expansion.

Other companies

Kraftwerk Living Technologies

Kraftwerk Living Technologies (KLT), a leading-edge AV systems integrator, will also be in attendance at IAAPA Expo 2021. Manfred Meier, CEO and Kevin Murphy, senior VP of sales & business development will be available at the show to meet with clients and suppliers.

Night at the Manor

The company has worked on notable projects such as Expo 2020 Dubai‘s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia country pavilion building. In the shape of a colossal monolith, it is set into the earth at an angle of 24 degrees. It houses customised, state-of-the-art multimedia technology.

Kraftwerk also recently announced a second immersive theatre attraction, Night at the Manor.

Storyland Studios

Storyland Studios, the three-dimensional storytelling firm, will be presenting a talk led by its chief strategy officer, Ben Thompson, addressing how the power of storytelling can change the world. This session will feature guest speakers Ynzo van Zanten of Tony’s Chocolonely as well as DeLisa Guerrier of Guerrier Development, on 15 November at 4 pm.

Storyland Design Challenge top 10 2021 IAAPA Expo 2021

Additionally, Storyland Studios will be revealing the first-ever “Theme Park You Can Play”. This will be unveiled in an exclusive off-site event with its partners from Ubisoft and Alterface. The company announced the $20,000 grand prize winner, as well as the top three finalists, of the first-ever Storyland Design Challenge, at blooloop V-Expo.

If you would like to set up a meeting with Storyland Studios, please email.


Frontgrid, an expert in adventure leisure and virtual reality attractions, has announced that its CEO Matt Wells will be attending IAAPA from the UK for pre-scheduled meetings with operators. 

Ahead of the event, Frontgrid also revealed more details of its new attendant-free VR attraction: the ParadropVR Pod. Over the last 18 months, the company has been focusing its R&D teams on this compact, multiplayer version of its successful ParadropVR product. This is in reaction to the growing trend for group gaming and competitive socialising experiences.

Paradrop VR Pod

As well as encouraging repeat play as guests try to beat each other’s high scores, one key benefit of the ParadropVR Pod is that it operates safely without an attendant, thus lowering operating costs. Operators can also use it to organise competitions and events, building on the rising demand for esports experiences.  

Attendees can book a meeting at the show via email.

OE Experiences

OE Experiences, a financial consulting and business management firm that specializes in the experience economy, will also be attending IAAPA Expo 2021. Over the last year, the company has continued to establish itself as the only turn-key owner representation firm providing business expertise and project management combined with financial and fundraising support. 

Recently, Matthew Cross, founding partner and CEO of OE Experiences, spoke to blooloop about its project with Kituwah, LLC of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, now known as The 407: Gateway to Adventure. This will be a unique destination, with a range of tenants offering an elevated guest experience for the over 14 million annual visitors to the Smoky Mountains.

OE Experiences development in Tennessee

During the show, the company is keen to meet with exhibitors and learn about the cutting-edge products and services that will benefit its clients. It is also looking to meet operators looking for capital or venues to expand.

Cross will attend the show alongside Lewis Frazer, CFO and Sam Russo, VP of themed entertainment & project management. Attendees can arrange a meeting via email.

P&P Projects

P&P Projects, a leading design and build company for themed entertainment and leisure experiences, will also be attending IAAPA Expo 2021, after completing recent projects that have seen the company diversifying its portfolio across the board. 

During the last year, the company has worked with Universal Beijing Resort, Madame Tussauds Dubai, Movie Park Germany and Liseberg. In addition, it has entered the cruise sector, worked on the first aviation-themed park, Captain Jack, and brought world-famous IP to southern Europe.

P&P Projects IAAPA Expo 2021

Currently, P&P Projects is working on the development of a world-class water park resort in the Caribbean. Here, it is providing storylines, master planning and other turnkey design-build services. It is also developing a concept for a new brand experience, which aims to redefine themed entertainment.

To find out more, visit the company’s new website. You can also book an appointment with a member of the team at IAAPA Expo 2021. To do so, contact P&P Projects’ sales team via email.


Capturelife, the digital delivery and engagement solution, will be at IAAPA Expo 2021, where the team will be showcasing the transformative mobile photography and engagement platform.

Serving the experience space, the Capturelife solution harnesses the power of shareable, branded digital memories to increase revenue. This means that attractions photography moves from a one-off transaction to an ongoing relationship, fostering brand loyalty as well as repeat visitation. 

Capturelife photography

Earlier this year, the company announced the launch of three new technologies: Capturelife Connections, Capturelife Kiosk and an International Print Store. Together, these will enhance the photography experience for both guests and operators.

To reserve a meeting with the Capturelife team at the show, please click here.

Red Raion

Nancy Patterson, Content Expert for North America will represent Red Raion, the CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions, on the IAAPA Expo trade show floor this year.

Patterson will be connecting with clients and industry partners at the show. She will be talking about the licensed CGI titles that the studio delivers in VR and 5D as well as dome and flying theatre formats, and the custom CGI content Red Raion has in store for the near future.


Ahead of the show, Red Raion announced its latest partnership with the Loveland Living Aquarium. Patterson will be on hand to talk about this new immersive experience.

Patterson will also be speaking to show attendees about Red Raion’s new releases. These include the underwater family adventure, Moby Dick, Friends to the Rescue!, a brand-new CGI title available for licensing and coming soon in 5D, VR and dome formats. She’ll also be able to talk about Frostbite, the latest chapter in the Dino Island series.

Nancy Patterson will be at the OpenAire Booth #2659 – schedule a meeting with her here.

Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering – booth #1840

Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering, a world-class aquatic firm, will be exhibiting at the show for the first time on booth #1840.

The booth will feature a unique, interactive splash pad model and the team is inviting visitors to join in the creative process. The model has miniature play elements and coloured floor tiles from Life Floor safety surfacing.

Earlier this year, Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering celebrated the opening of VinWonders’ new fountain show.

Martin Aquatic booth

Raven Sun Creative

Raven Sun Creative, the transformational experience firm, will be at the show and are excited to meet attendees. The Raven Sun team look forward to hearing from attendees about the latest challenges and to listen on how they can support everyone’s quick recovery, growth, and success in 2022.

Attendees are invited to text or email Louis Alfieri at 518-937-2007 / to coordinate a time to meet. The team looks forward to seeing their valued clients, colleagues, and friends at IAAPA Expo.

Louis Alfieri recently wrote about the past, present & future of interactive narrative storytelling on Booloop.


Platinum level sponsors for this year’s IAAPA Expo include accesso, Brogent Technologies Inc., Christie, DOF Robotics, Gateway Ticketing Systems, Leisure Development Partners, Simtec Systems, The Hettema Group and RWS Entertainment Group.

Gold level sponsors include Polin Waterparks, Thinkwell Group and Vekoma.

Silver level sponsors include JRA, Kraftwerk, Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering, ProSlide Technology Inc, QubicaAMF, Semnox, Spree Interactive and WhiteWater.

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